Upcoming Speakers

ASF Upcoming Speakers

Tuesday, May 17, 2005  Westpark Hilton, Charlotte, NC

Speaker:     Carole Miner Senior Software Engineer for IBM
Topic:          iSeries Access for Web:  The browser alternative!

By using this product you will be able to logon to your iSeries(AS/400) from a web browser . This product (5722XH2) is already included in the iSeries access for web software CD. Many of today’s iSeries customers are looking for a fast, zero-admin way to connect to their servers through a simple web browser interface. iSeries access for web is that solution! It has been built specifically for the needs of iSeries customers.

Come to this session to learn how this client can enhance end user productivity and simplify your pc network administration.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. See how 5250 emulation, database and IFS access can be used from a browser.
  2. See how an iSeries administrator can setup front pages for different group of users.
  3. See how users can work with printers, print jobs, etc. on the server.
  4. Learn about additional functions being provided.

Carole Miner is a Senior Software Engineer in the iSeries client integration area at IBM Rochester Laboratory. She is an internationally known speaker, author and iSeries authority. She is a frequent COMMON speaker and she has spoken worldwide at many iSeries users groups, & Technical Conferences.

Carole has a strong grounding in programming, planning and leadership including the Original PC support and integrated xSeries Server. Carole’s current focus is client Integration technologies and support for iSeries access products.